New Website SEO

Did you just set-up a new domain and website? We specialise in strong SEO for new websites.

No SEO means no visitors at all. We specialise in strong SEO for new websites and we achieve top rankings for keywords that will send you targeted visitors that really inquire.

SEO Expert Paul

As SEO experts in the UK we build SEO with long term results in mind by providing a better SEO campaign and we specialize in WordPress, which is probably the best and most versatile CMS(Content management system). We strongly believe that we are the leading SEO specialists of UK that specialise in SEO for new websites.

UPDATE: We are now accepting new enquiries only from our main website, run by SEO expert Paul Hoda.
We moved our operations to our main site that is accessible here –

Reliable SEO for small businesses

The market has become so full with self-claimed SEO experts that there was a need for a reliable SEO agency in UK. Some SEO companies are not even ranking in the first page of Google™ for SEO keywords, or even worse they may be on the first page with a Pay per click(Adwords) add. One easy way to spot a reliable SEO agency is to search if they are on the first page of Google™ for SEO related keywords.

Permanent SEO results

We know that you don't want to spend your budget on temporary results. We also want successful SEO projects in our portfolio. So we will make sure that your SEO results will not expire even if you decide to stop using our services. Our SEO is an investment for the long term. We aim to build a brand for your website. Time is valuable. Don't waste it. Do it right from the start!

Geo-Targeting SEO for small businesses

SEO for small businesses must be targeted locally. Webvolt's small business SEO expert is using an adapting algorithm and the most comprehensive database of UK based hosting servers and websites, ready to build a link-building campaign with UK based servers only. This has a positive impact on the local Google™ rankings. Further more, this is often not enough, so we take things to the next level: we are searching for ALL the niche related websites where we can obtain a high quality link. This is also not enough so we are searching for your competitors back-links and we try to obtain quality links there too. We also try to continually meet Google™ 's rigorous compliance standards so that customers can rest easy knowing that their SEO campaign is safe, legal and clean.

Efficient SEO for new websites

How do we make the SEO for your new website? We focus your budget into increasing the ranking for keywords that really matter in your niche. You will receive real visitors ready to buy what you offer. When we create your online reputation and link-building campaign we always make sure that the links will not expire. It is in our best interest to have a rich portfolio of successful SEO projects in the future.

How we’re different

We aim to build a reputation and exist as a marketing brand in the long term. We'd better lose money than one customer's trust. With us you have the guarantee that we will spend your budget wisely. A new website SEO must be done perfectly from the first time. SEO campaigns made incorrectly will raise a red flag in Google™ for that domain and then the ranking could never be improved again. We get a lot of requests to improve rankings for domains that had previously SEO campaign done wrong. That's why we often suggest creating a new website and buying a new domain before we start the SEO.

SEO Guarantee

The amount of website traffic increase, the exact keywords position or a Google™ 's first page for a specific keyword, we can't guarantee none of that. But we definitely can guarantee that we will build a perfect SEO profile and a continuous increase of your new website online reputation. We are not limiting ourselves to an exact number of keywords when sending your website to the top. We aim to send your website as closest to the first page of Google™ as possible with numerous relevant keywords. All of this is done to ensure a continuous growing of targeted visitors on your website, so you can have an increasing number of leads and a good profit so you can pay for our services month after month. And if you're still not decided, then get in contact with our customers using the portfolio section and ask for their opinion about us.